May 24, 2018

The Market Opens This Weekend!

Lindcove Ranch is happy to announce the opening of our Produce/Juice Market/Coffee Stop which will also be selling a variety of local products and products from our collaborators.  

We are still at work filling in retail space (this will take time), tuning the espresso machine, repairing our frozen lemonade machine (which decided on an untimely breakdown), and adding more vendors. 


We WILL have brewed coffee, hot tea, lemonade, our pressed juices, Naia gelato and sorbetto bars, and a good selection from The Naked Nut, along with a few other things.

Come visit and hang out with us on the patio. 

Kids are welcome, as are nice doggies on leashes!

33454 Sierra Drive (Hwy 198)

Lemon Cove, CA  93244

February 2018

"Growing Esrogs for Sukkot"

Susie Wyshak is a speaker, coach and author of Good Food, Great Business: How to Take Your Artisan Food Idea From Concept to Marketplace  (2014, Chronicle Books) and the Chocolate Chip Cookie School (for kids), as well as the Food & Beverage Industry Expert on


She is also a dear friend to the Kirkpatrick family.

In October of 2008, Susie Wychak visited Lindcove Ranch and learned a bit about farming etrog citrons for the Sukkoh Holiday.  She has taken some wonderful photos and video during her visits, including the ones you see here. 

Hers is a blog worth exploring!


Click the photo below to visit her

Blog at 

Photos by Susie Wychak

A Modern American Gothic featuring Johna nd Shirley Kirkpatrick

Shirley and John Kirkpatrick as the Modern American Gothic